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Species Monitoring & Identification

Whilst you're visiting Oxleas Woodlands you can help us record what species are present.

We use the following Apps which are available for Android and Apple

  • iRecord Butterflies

  • iNaturalist

You'll be participating with valuable Citizen Science projects if you upload your data. Thank you

Self-Guided Walks

To help visitors explore Oxleas Woodlands we have devised three self-guided walks around the woodlands. Each one starts at Oxleas Café and explores a different area. Please download the walks below for detailed instructions.

A Ramble Around Jack Wood

Distance 1.2 miles

This walk, starting from the Oxleas Café, takes an easy ramble around Jack Wood and will take approx. 1 hour

A Stroll Around the Heart of Oxleas

Distance 1.9 miles

This walk round the ancient Oxleas Wood will take approx. 1¼ hours.

To the Castle and Back Again

Distance 1.2 or 1.6 miles

This walk, from Oxleas Café to Severndroog Castle and back will take between 50 – 65 minutes depending on whether you opt for the extension or not.

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