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About the Friends of Oxleas Woodlands

The Friends of Oxleas Woodlands was formed in 2018 to work with the Royal Borough of Greenwich to protect and conserve the woodlands on the south side of Shooters Hill, in south-east London.

As a voluntary organisation we undertake a range of activities, including practical conservation work, litter clearance, rose-garden restoration, and a range of guided walks and talks.

Our Aims and Objectives

a) To assist with the general management of the woodlands


b) Undertake conservation and practical maintenance (through the Shooters Hill Woodlands Working Party and the Weekday Work Party)


c) Undertake activities to support the use and enjoyment of the woodlands, focussing on both adult and children's engagement with the woodlands


d) Provide a focus for local (and wider) support for the woodlands and to build links with local residents, schools, businesses and other organisations


e) Undertake cultural activities to encourage knowledge, appreciation and personal investment in the history, flora and fauna and general environment of the woodlands


f) Fundraising

The Friends of Oxleas Woodlands has adopted The Charter for Trees, Woods and People which was launched by The Woodland Trust in October 2017.


In line with that Charter, our aim is  to:


a)   Ensure the woodlands continue to provide a rich ecosystem with habitat for a diverse range of animals, birds, insects, plants and fungi


b).  Maintain the woodlands and ensure its survival for the future, using traditional methods such as planting, coppicing etc


c)  Recognise, promote and celebrate the cultural impact and value of trees and woodlands


d)  Advocate and campaign for stronger legal protection for trees and woods, especially those which have SSSI status, or are of specific historical, scientific or cultural significance


e)  Promote recognition of the beneficial health environment constituted by trees and woodland, and to encourage their use as part of a healthy physical and mental lifestyle


f)  Help manage and promote appropriate use of and access to the woodlands for everyone


g)  Manage and address threats to the trees and woodland and ensure the longer term sustainability and survival of the woodlands

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