Help us stop the proposed Shepherd Leas development

How to object

First of all, a huge thank you to all the people who have supported our campaign so far; writing to local Councillors and MPs and to the 4,743 people who signed the petition calling on the Council to reject Meridian’s (MHS) Planning Application unless the height of the building was reduced to six storeys or less.


We submitted our petition to the Council in November and was formally received by the Council at its meeting on Wednesday 26 January. Two weeks before this, the formal Planning Application submitted by MHS was registered and we learned officially that they had reduced the height of the building from eleven to nine storeys.


This is not the reduction that we had been campaigning for, but we can consider it as a positive step in the right direction. This reduction results from both our own and other organisations expressing their objections to the draft proposal. So, people who supported our petition or contacted their Councillor or MP can be proud of that achievement.


At the meeting on the 26th Tom Wareham, FOW's Chair spoke in support of the petition which will now be re-submitted as part of the formal consultation process. It will count as only one objection which is standard practice.


We strongly believe that the proposed building will still have a negative impact on the ecology of the woodlands and so we need to continue with our opposition to this.


What do we do now? We therefore need as many people as possible to express their opposition to the proposal by objecting to the Planning Application. This can be done by submitting comments on the Council’s website here:


Alternatively, you can object by email or letter; please make sure that you state that you wish to make an objection to the Planning Application Ref: 21/4467/F - 1-18 Shepherds Leas, 135 Riefield Road, Eltham, London, SE9) and give your reasons for doing so.

This should be sent to: or Mr J Higgins, Planning Department, The Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, London SE18 6HQ


However, it is vitally important that you draft your objection to the proposal in your own words. Any submissions which are made by cutting and pasting from this document or FOW’s formal objection letter will be amalgamated and count as JUST ONE objection.




Reasons for objecting to the scheme.


FOW will be objecting on the grounds that the nine-storey tower will have an adverse ecological impact on Shepherdleas Wood. FOW is limited on the grounds it can object because our primary purpose is to conserve and protect the Oxleas Woodlands.


Our draft letter of objection is available on our Facebook page (See link at bottom of page)


As an individual, you can object on any grounds which you feel affect you. Some of our supporters have have suggested the following: 

 - the height of the building 

 - the design of the building 

 - Its proximity to the A2 and health impact 

 - Spoiling the views from Oxleas Café 

 - the increased pressure on community services, eg: health provision and local schools 

 - The lack of parking on site and its impact on local roads  

- The disruptive and polluting impact of the building work including the location of site equipment and cranes.


You can, of course, object on any and all the grounds outlined, or you may have other reasons that are of a specific concern to you.


Please also let your family, friends and neighbours know about the proposal and how they can express their objection to it.


If you want to find more detail on the development now planned, you can find it here: -


There are over 80 documents but the design and access statement is a useful place to start


Thank you for your support in protecting these wonderful woodlands.


Protect Nature – Protect Oxleas Woodlands

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